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nates school

 this is a quick round up of nates school. we are almost 1/2 way through the yr. its gone rather smoothly with a few minor bumps and adjustments...  we are almost (we finish today!) finished all about spelling, so that will tell you how much we LOVE this program. i am going to keep going with spelling for the rest of the yr, just making up my own lessons and i plan on going with all about spelling next yr for level 5

i did nit buy a grammar program this yr. but next yr i will.  this yr i am using these wipe cards that i picked up for 18.00. they work and nate uses them when im busy with the girls. ill tell him go do 3/4 grammar cards and off he goes.  but i will need to get a solid grammar book for next yr.  i have no clue what to use
 i had to post this. i find myself drawing a lot of pics for nate for his science.  i drew these up yesterday, i did add more details to them but not so bad for a gal who cant draw! (its a rat and a mole haha)
 we are 1/2 way through apologia science, land animals. this is by far our FAVORITE book.  nate and i read the book together bec i really enjoy it.  i bought the work book for nate and most days i give him additional projects because i find there is so much information for him to record
 im really liking the science
 for history we are finishing up the discovering canada series. we are working through the last book, the railways.  i plan on going into the pioneer days with another book i have, so these two time periods flow together.  i read from the book with nate beside me, then i write up notes on the white board, then do the project.  nate told me yesterday that he really likes this book!
 i photocopy pics and have him write in the note book because dude NEEDS to practice printing NICELY!  ha  i scraped cursive writing, nate loathes it and its not worth the tears.  i plan on trying again next yr
 math!  we just started delta!  we hit a bump in the road with gamma.  nate struggled to grasp the multiplication concepts (dbl and triple digit) as well as simply memorizing the time tables.  i refused to move him to to grade 4 math until her knew it.  finally, around christmas time everything clicked and he passed the last few math tests. so i decided to start delta in the new yr.  its been 2 weeks of grade 4 math and we are starting lesson 8 today.  he is flying through it, i think because he understands multiplication, he was able to grasps division and finds it "easy"  so maybe we will finish delta this yr?  so biggies if we dont.  i work at the level the kids are able to work at. no pressure.  im just glad he's back to loving math again
 yes, he covers his shoulders with his blanket, the poor thing is tread bare! 
 for canada, we were reading a book and i made up work for him to do, mostly just free printables i find on line.  yesterday we started the lets explore ccanada series and he told me he likes it
i also add explorers. he reads the book one week then spends the next week working on a project that both chris and i mark!  last week he did henry hudson, this week he started samuel de champlain

 his report last week. this is a GREAT independent project for him to work on, it keeps him busy and hes still able to work when im with the girls
 writing is winning with writing. he hates writing, but i like the program so ill prob stick with it next yr
 vocab is wordly wise. im not photocopying it, hes using the work book.  we really like it!
i scored some awesome writing prompts while away in november. so every day nate picks a card, reads it and writes. another awesome make work project for him to do

 they cost 1.00 for 8!  i wished i got more
 his planner is still going strong. total time and life saver for me! im buying 6 more this yr at conf. ha

 nates school cart. all his books fit in the top drawer, school tools are in te bottom and school supplies (paper, work books etc) are in the middle. love it
 i also have nate work on 2 sheets of these bad boys, awesome reviews and keeps him focused
 love it
 i also added an in box this yr. in order for me to stay on top of his work i have him drop work sheets in the basket, and when i can find a few minutes i mark them, that way fri im not over loaded with school work!
so nates school takes about 2.5 hrs a day. he also does independent reading for 30 mins and we do a quick devotion.  i plan on adding bible back in his school work next month...

school itself is the best part of our day.  nate is a hard worker and is taking pride in his work. i never hear "do i have to do school?"  its a part of the day, its what i expect.  no arguing. period. 

i find with the extra home school activities, play dates and errands, our days are full but NOT over booked.  i enjoy getting out of the house and socializing with other moms.  i joined the secular group this year and all our activities are with them, im not a member of the christian group, i find there are more issues and arguments and silly things that i just dont have time for

so thats a quick peek into our school day!