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snow! a gift! date night!

 we have been BLESSED this yr with NO snow!!!!  the little snow we did have all but melted away last monday, but then tues brought a tiny dusting of snow so i bundled the kidlets up and we went out to play...during "school" hrs...haha

i love how joey was so into listening to nate describe the snow to her
 i went to the front to shovel the drive way of the 1" of snow that fell (my idea of exercise) and heard ellie yelling "mom! she is SO heavy!" i came around the corner to find this.  ellie put joey in the sled and pulled her up the hill!
 great job ellie!
 joey sat there and smiled the whole time
 ellie really enjoys being the big sister
 after the girls were too cold, i went inside.  i looked out the window and saw this.  nate went across the street to shovel the snow for the ladies driveway. he came back and told me that he saw her shoveling and felt in his heart to go shovel her driveway for her.  for free.  he told me that she was so happy he helped her.  i was so proud of him!
 so, chris surprised me the other day by this bad boy!  i admit i cant cook! i HATE cooking BUT i can make mean sandwich, ive always wanted a panini  press, but the price has always scared me from buying one.  chri secretly saved up his air miles and bought me one. i LOVE it! not only can you make sandwiches but you can grill anything from chicken, fish, veggies and fruit to make pancakes/toast/ eggs and sandwiches!  i love this machine!  thank you SO much chris!
 nate finally decided how to spend his christmas money....LEGO!  after consulting uncle jon on the best price nate ordered 2 lego kits and was thrilled to get the first one on friday....after 2.5 hrs he put the thing together....he was very happy. thank you nana and papa!
 friday, i bathed the girls in the morning.  i gave ellie some juice.  she sat there and sipped away.  i looked up and saw her and i said "ellie-joy. you so are so beautiful" and i snapped a pic.  i love her
 fri night chris took ellie on a daddy-ellie date.  i told her in the morning that daddy was going to take her on a date. just ellie and daddy. she was THRILLED. she then went and got her gift card that nana and papa gave her last nov, and took her daddy out to dinner.  she was so happy to spend the night with her dad. when she came home i cuddled with her and listened to her tell me all about the night, she had so much fun.  just daddy and ellie
 she even let me put a fancy bow in her hair
 and posed with her gift card for a pic
 then waited for chris to come....he was distracted by donald trump on t.v. hahaha
 per date hug
 the whole crew
 so ellie is a lot like chris, she thinks like him and constantly asks "what are we doing today" i started writing up a daily schedule for her to read and check off. she likes this....she's checking over her schedule
 and marking it off....such an eigenheer she is!  haha
 i took ellie out on sat to get groceries, we stopped at the clothing department and ellie had so much fun looking at all the new outfits and declaring "this would look good on me"
 and trying on sunglasses and ill admit, everything did look great on her!
 i found little jo like this.  she was "fixing" the stroller with a screw driver she found.  she spent an HOUR fixing the stroller...
 love her
 tweak, tweak, tweak
 me. cause i never post pics of me
 and nate. cause i love this dude!
happy sunday everyone!


Ursi said...

I love the daddy date idea! So cool!

Mom said...


I chuckled all the way through this one. Great going Chris with the date with Ellie.
God Bless.

mel said...

ohhhhh get jeff to do this. the girls will love it. i was putting ellie to bed tonight (tues night) and she cuddled the empty card, haha and told me that she loves her daddy and he took her out...i did make a huge deal out of chris taking her and not me...ha....