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last week

 nate got 3 lego kits for christmas. i made the newbie mistake of buying him a set aged 10+...oops...BUT nate put the thing together! by HIMSELF!!!!  i was ubber impressed watching him work on it.  he read and followed the instructions (good swiss boy he is!) the above pic is the set from uncle jon and aunty jess

below he was working on the 600+ pc set!  and he put it together himself!
 joey my little crafter!  she made crafts with me this week!  she LOVES markers and gluing!  so fun to watch her go
 joey also loves to dance and entertained us all with her moves
 while poor ellie spent the last part of the week on the couch
 poor thing go sick. burned a fever and just laid on the couch
i spent lots of time snuggling her
she is such a sweet girl
 trying to get a group pic of the girls. hahaha
i was trying to read to them...but joey wanted to play baby instead and ellie went back to the couch to rest
 she put herself on the couch. no tv. she just rested
 poor thing
 on thrus i took the kids to the library to play.  we lasted about 40 mins before ellie declared herself too sick and wanted to go to bed

not before joey put on a show with her dinosaurs. she LOVES dinosaurs
 love it
 my boy found a stack of books to read and take home....i now allow nate to borrow books. ha
 and friday we did a lot of this
joey played with her babies
ellie read and napped
nate read his stack of library books
 but i made him go back to school
i am so proud of my boy. proud of the young man he is turning into
proud that his social life is busier than mine
how did MY kid become so popular?
 and more reading and couch time was had
and ellie is still on the couch today.  her fever broke, thank goodness. so now shes just napping and laying around