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 i picked up these wax sticks over christmas. they came in a crafts kit, but really just wanted the wax!  my sis was laughing bec i bought like 10 packs....this is what i wanted them for!
 you can manipulate them to make shapes and letters for ellie!  i just cut them up, toss them in the tray and she pulls them out when she feels like making letters
not to bad!
 the other night my friend made me go for a walk, she is training for a triathlon or something like that and needed to get her work out in. it was -11! with OUT the windchill!  it was SOOOO cold!!!  but i went with her came home and ate a bag of chips. hahaha
 its funny, home educating is such a big part of our life/day and i NEVER post about it.  its mostly because i dont take my phone in the school room. way to bad of a distraction!  so i dont take pics.  our school days are in a routine and flows quite well

the morning is open to play and me starting house work. putting supper in the crock pot, laundry etc...the kids have free time. no screens!  just play, we have a snack around 11, then joey goes to bed around 11:30-1:30.  nate heads up to the school room, starts his work, ellie goes in my room and watches a show.  i then do all the one on subjects with nate, when we are done, ellie joins us and i do school with ellie while nate works independently.  this really works well for us.  mon, wed, fri and possibly thurs we have home school classes so we take off for those. 

ellie is really progressing in her school. i wasnt planning on doing any school with her but im following her lead

 practicing her sight words
 being silly
with the program we are using with her, it mostly interlocks so i can use pass lessons.  when we read the story, she now looks for the words and shows me.  she can read mom, dad, nate, joey, ellie, nana, papa, stop, dog, see, the, and, up and a few other words
 great job ellie!
 oh and me! haha
 she works on her lesson, i play the weekly song and if she is still not done with school she will join me at the desk to work in her work books
she is super into school and is insisting that she wants to read. like now. haha.  im just following her lead and enjoying teaching her. she is a lot like chris, she thinks very analytical, she wont try something until she's figured it out in her head. she is a deep thinker and is always asking questions, a lot like nate BUT the difference is ellie plays. haha. nate never did.  usually by 1, ellie is asking to wake joey up to play with her. i love that they play well together. ellies the bossy big sister, joey is the happy go lucky girl BUT joey will let ellie know when she is NOT happy. we hear a lot of "NO ELLA NO!"