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my job!

so, my littlest joey has been sick for the last week, her cold was officially over on sunday but i noticed the last 2 days she's been different.  tired. easily upset. and very clingy to me. normally i chalk this up to her just not feeling well...until today.  at 10 am, joey went to her room, grabbed her blanket and found me in the school room with nate. she jested that she wanted to go to nap.  she naps in the basement, where it is some what quiet...hey! she's the youngest!  its hard to have a quiet house! haha  anyways, i was like what??? its only 10AM!  shes been awake for 1.5 hrs!  i put her to bed...

i had nate go get her up at 12:30, cause i was making lunch .  after we ate i noticed she was super "clingy" and stuck to me all afternoon.  we finished school with joey on my lap, i made a snack with joey on my hip, i put a show on for my sanity (its a storm day here, no outside play) and joey curled up in my lap.  i went to my room to watch CNN (i admit, im a totally hooked on american politics) around 3:30, to have joey follow me up and lay her head on my chest as i watched the latest trump bashing on cnn...sigh...i went to prep supper...which thanks to my AMAZING PANINI press!  (its so wonderful, i will never cook again! haha) and joey followed me...

chris came home from work, and watched joey stay very close to me.  chris and i started talking and i mentioned that the last few days joe's been really attached to me

chris said "no!  no kid of mine will act like that"
i said "but look at it this way.  i am her world. why get upset because she needs her world?" i dont mind. its my "job"

chris stopped eating (his awesome panini sandwich. hahahah)  and said "you' re right" (shock! ha)  "whats the problem?"

joey only needs me now, for this short season.  something in her, this stage of life, is calling her heart to her mom.  and i am so grateful, so happy that my hubby respects this and encourages me to be home, to be there for my kids

my kids wont always need me or want me

i remember, so clearly, how much i wanted to be home with my mom and dad.  i told nate  a few weeks back about the many stories of my parents coming and picking me up from sleep overs....after 11, dad, you might not remember. but i do.  i remember knowing this. right up! that no matter what, no matter when, no matter how.  i can ALWAYS call and you will be there for me

and that security, that love i cherish so much and i hope to pass on to my kids

so. no matter how long the day feels
how much i need to get done
how much school is calling
the most important thing is greater love than anyone, who gives up his life for their friend...this week nate and i have been talking about the greatest gift anyone can give, their life.  jesus.  its all about him

so, on a stormy tuesday night, after i tucked my 2 girls in with a story, hugs and kisses.  i watch nate get ready to spend some time with his dad in the shop, i am reminded that these early years pass my so quickly.  i need more patience.  i ask you jesus for more wisdom to raise these amazing kids....

it's my job. and i think joey being the last is the perfect gift to remind me of how much i need jesus

Jn 15:5