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art, needles and teeth!c

from this over grown art wall
to this!  empty fpr the new yr!
i took nate's scrapbook from preschool that was 1/4 used and tapes, glued and recorded nate's art/school work from the past yr
i used about 1/2 of it. so i plan on putting nate's gr 1 in here too
that way it keeps the clutter down, pages are recorded and the junk was tossed
i waited to do this when nate was gone
hell hath no furry like a child who finds you threw something away, let alone HIS art work
i can't keep it all! i just kept the good stuff!

ellie had her yr dr's appoint
she's a trouper
she had some shots done and ripped the bandaids off in the car on the way home
i also discovered why she's been such a cranky pot, non sleepy, over tired, not her self girl!
she cut another molar and is working on another one
poor thing!
she woke up today back to her happy self. thank goodness
i took her back to the doll house
she loves it!
she plays with the dolls and furniture. so cute!
then we did some puzzles and enjoyed the ONLY day of no rain since chris left by taking a stroll through down town....good ol mother daughter time!


the quietness!

 ellie belly boo. learning to sip fluid, she doesn't quite have it yet but i keep trying. i want to wean out 2 bottles and get her on the sip cup. i have a wicked stainless steel cup that i want to use, so far she's only thrown it. haha
 great posture hunny!
having her breaky of dry cereal and crackers.  freshly bathed.  after spending a night puking :( poor baby girl has some freaky tummy bug.  she's been cranky pants the past 2 days, i chalked it up to adjustment to no noise and maybe another molar? but last night she was up from 10-11:30, then puking off and on during the night. 

i now think puke has the worst smell. ever. ewwwww

i hope she puked it out and goes back to happy mchappy ellie

i can not get over the quiet of the house. i love it! i had my first uninterrupted bubble bath the other night, stayed in till the water got cold.  so nice. must fo that again!

and i picked up the stack of books to read through for sept (school books) and read some of them.  and i put together a list of what i think we should aim for for academics...i love that about home education.  i have the flex to pick and choose and discard what i want, when i want.  i can fill our days with classes and trips or i can choose to lay low and stay close to home.  now that i have no fear of the redic socialization silliness and depriving my son of social interaction, i am truly free to do what i feel is right for us

i am taking sometime this week to seek god for his direction for our school for this upcoming year.  for wisdom to choose what books are right and the confidence to admit defeat and put away what is not going to work, even if it's have the ability to know the right season for the right time

i've taken a month 'off' and it feels great!  i love my summer me time. now as we head into aug, i want to switch focus to sept-dec

i've also noticed the past few days that i am truly fulfilled in my job.  it's not easy for sure. but it's nice knowing i am exactly where god wants me to be.  here at home. with my family

as fun as the last few days have been, i am noticing myself pass nate's room pausing to check in on him.  i miss our chats, check ins to see what he's up to or listen to him explain his latest machine that he built. i miss the lego scattered on the table.  i even miss his towel on the floor (he's not tall enough to hang it up so he tries to throw it on the hook and it falls) and even his dirty clothes on the floor that he forgot about....

at night i feel lost at bed time.  i long to tuck nate in, i love it, even when i am exhausted and nated out.   i miss his snuggles and talks about his deep thoughts of the day.  i miss hearing his secrets. 

i think that with 1/2 my family away from me, it's been great to refresh and spent me time.  i miss them and i miss my family being together.

i am a mom, all the time, with them here or gone. it's who i am i guess.  i am so glad

time to snuggle ellie pants!  happy sicky, rainy tuesday everyone! 0 comments

and they are off!

 my little dolly!

well the day finally came!  yesterday morning at 2:26 they boys left for their trip to ont
nate could not wait to put on his headphones
i've been in reg contact with them since they left via text and phone. modern tec is Divine!
chris made such great time that he stopped in to ikea in montreal.  a friend and i sent him with lists. haha
nate played in the kid area while chris shopped and they dined at the restaurant
they checked into the hotel and took quick naps then up and off they went to the pool for 1.5 hrs of daddy son fun
they ordered room service and hit the sack
nate slept in till 7:30, which is 8:30 his body time. we have a new record ppl!
they are spending the day at the museum but before they go they are hitting the pool :) ha
they are both really enjoying their time
as for me? i spent yesterday morning shopping with ellie! home for naps and guess what? yep, back out to the mall!
it was SO nice!
i spent my evening reading my book. in quiet! then took a 30 min soaker bubble bath in silence. can't remember the last time i did that!
ellie's face when she heard nate's voice this morning
 she was so excited to hear him.  yep, i think she misses him. she crawls into his room and yells "nanana" meaning "nate!"
chris sent me this last night. nate went to bed with larry and berry
today's menu is house cleaning!  but the couch calls me, beckoning me to come and lay on it.....which side will win? hahahaha 3 comments

my little 1 yr old!

being one is so much fun!
we met friends at the park yesterday and discovered new swings!
ellie loves her swings
don't ya just wanna eat her? haha
my biking babe!
she loves it!  she cried when i pulled into the drive way.  i was out of energy thou. haha
i am hoping the weather clears up so we can go this week

i have spent the morning packing for my boys. they head out at 3 am for their father son trip to ontario. i am gonna miss them but i am sure gonna LOVE being home alone with ellie!  no messes to clean, no lunches to pack, no extra laundry and cooking to do.  just me and ellie.  it's gonna be a hoot!

happy friday everyone and for those monctonians. sally ann is having their 50% off sale today! 0 comments

the last few days!

 sunday morning.  ellie's outfit. batman onsie from nate for her b-day and a pink tutu
very super heroish
 morning snuggles before i left
 ellie's bike helmet!  i have a baby holder on my bike, chris installed it on sunday. i LOVE it and more important she LOVES riding my bike with me!  she sings the whole time.  so i plan on getting our bike riding on this week
nate loathes his bike, instead he chooses this mode of transport!
 an old tricycle that chris and i found on a wkend away in no where sasky way before we had kids.  chris took it a part, sandblasted it and we painted it.  anyways, nate LOVES it and has almost worn the tires out!
monday we went on 2 bike rides both 45 mins!
 yesterday we did an hour!  he loves it
 and went it to the woods to discover a park
 we did some swinging
 i put nate to work
 and some sledding
then in the afternoon quinn and charlie dropped by for a quick visit on their way home (they went to the states the last few days)
 the kids
where's nate you may ask?  he decided to take his clothes off and run around in his under ware yelling "captain underpants" and was not picture ready. hahaha

AND i FINALLY got my book order!!!!!!  from christan book.  i got 2 curric one on grammar and this AMAZING book for art. normally, i try to buy books from our local store but there was a significant price difference so i went christian book and got some goodies for me!
 i also got nate the odyssey cd's for 15.00!  he loves them which is wicked
 i got these for me!!!!!!  happy reading birthday to me!  can't wait to start reading
 this am we set off on another bike ride....1.5 hrs!!!!!
 we stopped to investigate a slug
 did you know they pop their eyes in when they sense fear?  they do.  we saw it
 ellie was ellie. happy and delightful
 then nate picked wheat to bring to ontario so nana plumps can make bread for him with it
for real
he came up with that
homeward bound!!!

a few nate funnies

he was speeding down a hill fast. when he got to the bottom of the hill he yelled to me "mom, i was so scared i was trembling in fear" haha

then yesterday during lunch he tells me "mom, did you know you have a hole in your bum. that's where the poop comes out"

on sun he picked me a flower and brought it in to me and says " here mom, this is not a sight you see everyday"

ha. love my kid!  2 comments

birthday stuff!

the fam arrived bright and early fri am.  my sis went to work and i kept the kids busy inside due to the rain!
we did a lot of coloring
the plan was to take the kids swimming late afternoon when my sis finished up work but the pool was closed
so we came up with a quick trip to crystal palace on this rainy day!
the kids were ok with it
we did a few rides and games then it was time for the party!
miss ellie blowing her birthday horn!
chilling on the jumpoline with daddy and the family wearing her birthday out fit
my little birthday girl!
the cake. it wasn't fancy. just a white cake covered in sprinkles
                                                  charlie even got her own mini cake
                                                      i missed her 3rd birthday and wanted to do something special for her!
                                                       happy late birthday charlie!
having her first taste of cake!
instant sugar rush
it wasn't a reg cake! i told nate the story of my money cake when i was a kid and he wanted the same. so i got some coins and turned it into a money cake
the boys loved it
best buddies
i was there
getting ready to open her presents
and we had our first accident on the jumpoline!  charlie broke her leg!  poor thing.  not sure exactly what happened but from what i understand she fell on it wrong
quinn was the first to sign her cast before they took off for a few days
to ease the pain of the family (nana/papa/aunty/shawn/quinn/charlie) going to the states with out him (he took it VERY well! so proud!!)  i took nate to the movies, he got to pick the movie, his treat and drink. he had a blast and i got to spend some time with him

it was a busy few days and my BABY is 1!!!! sob sob sob