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joeys boots!

 oh my! such a cutie you are!

joey was gifted with these boot last wkend. she LIVES in them.....
 and is VERY proud that she can put them on her self....
 all by herself!
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more of life

 i took this pic at 12. joey was having a party. i was so very tired. but i took a pic instead of thinking negativly.....remember. the days are long but the yrs are short...

nate has pink eye!!! poor dude!
 ellie asking me to draw our family, our house and our beds. ok i SUCK at art! lol
 ellie. in the tub with her "princesses" for 3 HOURS!!!!!!



 so, nate got pink eye and had to say home on friday which was a total bummer for him.  he has forest school (awesome) and i planned a play date for the girls. BUT we had to cancel bec he was sick. so i tried to make it up by planning a totally awesome ART class......who would have guessed that nate would have so much fun!!!!

we painted, and talked and shred stories
 nate's work of art!
 ellie joined in too!
 one of nate's creations
 an hour of art work!
 then nana and papa came. only for a quick visit (they were spending some time with mr. copper this wk end) but i can say, im surprised by how much ellie has asked for you guys. i think she misses you both!
 seriously. i am SO blessed. so very blessed to have a son who adores his sister. so much. i am SO happy with their connection.....and i think its funny that ellie thinks nate's bed is HER bed. lol
 cry!!!! LOOK WHAT the dollar store has!!!! for 3.00!!!!! my frog!!!
my greatest memories of florida is this silly frog. how many HOURS did we spend floating on him?!?!?!  0 comments


 joey on the phone with nana, trust me she was talking up a storm!
 my ellie. my joy! such a delight you are!
 playing at the park, while all the other kids are sitting at a desk!
 ellie making me a garden. i truly was ticked that she dis this for me
 joey, watching all the kids play in her back yard. how mean. haha
 happy birthday chris!  we celebrated chris's birthday a day early.  thurs was a crazy day, a friend of mine had a baby and i had my annual dental work done.....resulting in me getting sick, but chris saved the day and held me, then put me to bed!  how awesome is he!?!!  anyways, we celebrated his birthday on wed.  he doesn't like cake, so i got him his fav fruit dish and tried a new lemon square from a local bakery, and it was AMAZING!!! i am totally getting another one for me!  and i got him the best gift ever.  lets just say it came from the n.b.l.s......
 ellie and her "after i ate ALL my supper with out complaining" pop cycle waiting on DADDY coming up!
 chris picked up joey on the way....
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!  we love you!
 see. i love you!
 daddy and JOEY (and her rubber boots, that she will NOT take off!)
i love you chris, as much as you are a thorn in my side, hahaha. i am so glad i can count on YOU.  i love you, happy birthday!!!! ENJOY your gift!   2 comments


 if you spend anytime with me, you know i say "JOHANA"! at least 3 times while you are with me!  joey is SUCH a monkey!  into everything!  she keeps me on my toes; but she also taught me the greatest lesson, just to be with her when she's awake....other wise she is into EVERYTHING!!!! 

saturday was SO nice out.  i put the famous bowl of water and kitchen gadgets for joey, and what does  she do?????
 pored it all over herself
 while wearing her rubber boots. that she will NOT take off
 then she put a straw in her cup
and sipped it

i truly enjoyed spending the one on one time with her.  i can not imagine our life with out this MONKEY! 0 comments


 so we went up to hali last weekend for 2 reasons. quinn's play and chris's metal. i will not discuss the metal on my blog bec it almost sent us to divorce court. this STUPID, NEVER ENDING METAL ORDER will be the dead to me!!!!!  GOODNESS


back to the kids....nate signed us in
 charlie showed me her bag that i want, lol and almost stole from her. but i didnt hahaha

joey watched the kids play
 ellie too
 charlie presented her poem
 joey sang a song
 shawn was shawn, policing the joint
 awe my heart
 the boys put on their play, which was actually funny
 ellie loves her uncle shawn
 then ellie sang a solo
 and most important. i went out with my sister for some ME ME ME time. we had pedi's
 i found them like this, my heart
 joey playing with the gps on the way home
 when we came home ellie found polish in the same color as my toes and she wanted hers done to match
 joey. with her new boots. she wears them all. the. time. i finally just wiped the bottoms so she can wear them in the house.  for real, she wakes up from her nap and puts on her boots, shes been wearing them all morning too
 playing with the dirt...wearing her boots
 i ran errands yesterday with the kids. around 3:30 i was done but ellie wanted "another store!" so i dropped her off with chris knowing he had to run errands too....chris brought her some like this. out. cold
 ha ha
what did she say this morning? "can i go to another store?"

and with that, i must turn the tv off and stop ignoring my kids...hahaha 0 comments