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 so, nate got pink eye and had to say home on friday which was a total bummer for him.  he has forest school (awesome) and i planned a play date for the girls. BUT we had to cancel bec he was sick. so i tried to make it up by planning a totally awesome ART class......who would have guessed that nate would have so much fun!!!!

we painted, and talked and shred stories
 nate's work of art!
 ellie joined in too!
 one of nate's creations
 an hour of art work!
 then nana and papa came. only for a quick visit (they were spending some time with mr. copper this wk end) but i can say, im surprised by how much ellie has asked for you guys. i think she misses you both!
 seriously. i am SO blessed. so very blessed to have a son who adores his sister. so much. i am SO happy with their connection.....and i think its funny that ellie thinks nate's bed is HER bed. lol
 cry!!!! LOOK WHAT the dollar store has!!!! for 3.00!!!!! my frog!!!
my greatest memories of florida is this silly frog. how many HOURS did we spend floating on him?!?!?!