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 i found my superstore flyer on the table yesterday.  nate went and circled all the things he wants me to buy....steak, t.v dinners, juice and soup. what a kid!

my flower pot is slowly starting to bloom.  my mom found it shoved in a closet a few months ago.  we put it on the table and toss water on it...we have no idea what flowers they are. haha....i hope they bloom!
 we changed the door too.  the girls like helping me with it
 joey, my little bundle girl
 ellie working away on her picture
 nate and i found her like this, she was eating her snack and singing to herself
 not a care in the world
 we hit up the back yard. after trying 4 pairs of boots, not one fit! i gave in and put joey in a pair of shoes...joey explored the back yard
 when the older 2 kids went off to play i put joey on the deck with me. then it started to rain....but she didn't care. there was snow to crunch!
 my little snow bunny
 and toys to play with
 i ran out of my premade projects for ellie to work on during school time, so i had chris watch the kids while i spent sometime making up lessons....i try to do as little as i can and have ellie practice her cutting or what ever
 i put them away for when she wants one. then i dont have to come up with something on the spot, i can show her what to do/or have her work beside me and still work  with nate at the same time
 i finished my chase project yesterday!  ellie LOVES paw patrol and i found a pic of chase in florida for her, so i colored it and hung it over her bed....which she no longer likes, she wants to only sleep with nate in his bed. ha
 this is for quinn!  while we were away, i was very impressed with how quinn cleaned his room and made his bed everyday. so i told nate i now expect the same from him!  this was his bed this morning, great job nate!
 my little crew, enjoying some paw patrol
 little jo all by herself!
thats a peek into our day!