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 i went to grab her this morning for her nap and found her like this
 does she look tired?
she is

its been a rough week.  we have all been sick, i have a stupid head cold again. and the kids have been sick too, i ve been up nights with joey and ellie.  i cancelled school twice this week bec nate was sick. he spent a lot of time in bed....passing up going out to play to lay down! 

to be honest, ive been discouraged, tired and feeling worn out.  wanting winter to end and the warm weather to come. a season change is due, i can feel it in my soul. 

so i went to get joey, to put her to bed to start school with nate and what did she do?
 she grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a hug.  excuse the pic and it's poor quality but i had to try and take a pic of this. joey grabbed my neck and would not let go. she held me and hugged me
 both hands
 it made my day, my week, my month my year.  all the hard work, the toil, the discouragement and wanting to just throw the towel in and quit.
no. my little baby, my bonus child gave me a hug
 i love you johana elizabeth monkey pants

this morning i found eliana reading to johana. my heart. the hard work is worth it!
 poor joey, stuck in the grass
 while ellie collected. dead worms
 see! she brought them to me
 then lined them up on the side walk
 out came the side walk chalk
 so im in the house with the older 2 kids when i heard "mama!"  and came to find this
 stuck in the cart, full of water
having a great time!
 i took the kids to the skate park this afternoon, nate has gotten really good at his scooter, im thinking i may just upgrade it
i also told him how cool it is that he's at the park when all the other kids were in school. ha
 and he's gone!
 ellie watching an cheering
i also have to say that i am so thrilled with nate's maturity. he has been such a blessing to have around this week, even thou he was sick he really stepped up and helped me out when i needed something...usually asking me what he can do to help...from holding johana to taking ellie outside.  i am so happy that god blessed me with him. he's a great kid!

on a me note.  its been a challenging week thus far and this morning i was asking god for something to help me through the day. i heard his soft voice say "i make all things new"

hu?  i asked what?

my spirit saw....thought the same old, not so fun, toiling work he makes all things that i do new. i can find new light, new revelation, new joy in doing the same old

so glad to not be alone!