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 i love, love, love watching the girls play together. its so creative, fun and free.  ellie was taking her skooter to the park and brought back a picnic for them to share. the bag was full of play food.  they play so well together!

johana talking to papa and nana on the phone
 big smiles
 she is such a monkey
 playing with 2 tracks and a car. for an hour...
 while chris and i crashed on the couch.  sickness hit our house last thurs, chris was off work from fri-tues sick, i am not sure if we keep passing it to each other or what but i am so DONE being sick. the kids are fine, chris and i how ever are NOT.  chris went to work today and his boss sent him HOME!  sigh,  i want to breath through my nose and the pain in my ears to stop!  anyways, the kids have been really good about it, lots of outside play and little fighting....sigh.  maybe tomorrow we will feel better
 little ellie piggy tails
 she does not like me touching her hair, thats why i dont do much with it. this is her face when she saw her hair. ha
 but i think its adorable
 her daddy thinks so too
i cant get over how big ellie is getting. she will be 4!!! this summer!  then 1 more yr and off to school!  what?!?!? thats CRAZY. i am so glad that im home and am able to spend my time with them