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 we had 2 nice days last week, then its back to cold!  i took ellie out to kick the soccer ball around yesterday and after 10 mins she wanted to go back in so that will tell you how cold it was!  anyways, i took the kids to the skate park for nate to scooter....ellie was playing with a dead worm and a bug

then took off on nate's scooter
 and i took them for a run
 can catch her, little miss running legs
 little cutie pants
 see, cant catch her!
 she loved it and laughed the whole time i chased her
 then pointed to everything and said "whats that?"
 i signed nate up for forest school!  his first class was last fri, he went with his friend.  its a good 20 min drive there and 20 back, but the class is 3 hrs.  they take the kids into the woods and they stay outside the whole time.  nate LOVED it,  the kids are taught basic outdoor skills and all about nature, how to live off the land, there is a fire and 1 kid each week is picked to watch the fire and gather wood.  the kids just play outside! they build forts, have free imaginative play i love the school!
 see where the van is, behind it is the sign that the kids walk under and into the woods where they spend the afternoon
 heading off
i love how much fun they had! and i LOVED the 2 hrs i had with the girls...haha