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catching up

 ellie loves to help chris in the shop, we put her in nate's old overalls and off she goes. she spends hours out there!  i think chris enjoys having her around, shes forever chattering and playing and with her pig tales i wanna just eat her up. ha.  she is losing her little/baby/toddler look and is growing into an adorable little girl..
 nate joined for a bit
 playing with daddys drill. she liked it
 tipsy toes to reach the table top
 standing back as daddy welds and nate is explaining to her what dad is doing
 this cracked me up.  i was out with the kids and their friends and out of the corner of my eye i saw ellie run and hide....they were playing hide and seek and ellie was hiding behind the play slide. hahaha
 night time family time....
 my heart
 nate brought me a letter that came in the mail and took my pic cause, well, that's what i do. i opened it to find 3 enveloped with the KIDS names on them....rotfl.  nothing for me, just the 
 then i went to bed and opened my night stand drawer to find this....hahaha


mel said...

mom when i was talking to Ellie in the shop dad was not welding he was melting medule
big diffrence

Sinserly Nate

mel said...

this is funny, nate reads my blog now and he left the above comment for me. hahaha he meant to say "mom, when i was talking to ellie in the shop dad was not welding, he was melting metal, big difference" hahahaha oh my, nate is NOTHING like his dad!