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 little girl, big swing!  we spent sometime every day this week outside!  the girls LOVE being outside. i do too
 joey found her duck from last yr, and would not let go of it! 

so, last summer the kids had fries from mcdonalds, and a few were left on the ground over winter. i found this bad fella, looking almost the SAME as it did the day we bought it....ummmm shouldn't have decomposed over winter yet?????
 late night snuggles.  ellie now goes to bed in nate's bed, when she wakes up to pee (on her own!!!) she comes into bed with me. i love our snuggles
 jon, jess and mr.  joined us last weekend for some family fun.  jon cooked my FAV meal. thank you SO very much. i truly enjoyed it!  the kids had a great time  and we cant wait until our next visit!  but im NOT staying up  that late again jon! hahaha everyone went to bed and jon and i stayed up and talked....which was great but dude! mornings come early. haha
 jess with the littles
 sliding copper
 standing copper
 jon helping joey in the morning. this was the sight i walked into sun morning. so sweet
 joey found the camera
 such a stinker
 so happy
 see. happy!  i took the kids to the skate park yesterday, it was so cold! but they had fun
 see. nate smiled
 ellie was cold
 joey was happy to be alive
i was happy to have coffee