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club house

 we, ok chris put some carpet on the top floor of the club house, so the kids can go up there and be more comfortable. the girls love being out there with the older kids.  now the kids want to paint the club house, i told them when the weather gets a bit nice we can paint it...chris also put a pop window on the top floor to stop the rain from soaking the carpet and prevent the kids from falling out the top window. haha
 i looked over and saw this. a meeting around the rocks
 nate and his buddy wanted to go to the woods alone, so i let them so and gave nate my i could get a hold of him.  the boys ended up building a cool fort and were out there for a long time
 a part of the fort they built, they also added shingles and other things they found along the way to make a water proof roof
 our little joey
 i picked some decorations up for the club house, they set it all up...ha
 i took ellie with me to visit a friend at the hospital, ellie is such a happy little thing, full of life and chatter
 my heart
daddy and joey watching frozen, notice how he's holding her little hand
 our almost 2 yr old! waiting for her "eats" as she calls it
 i took ellie out to run errands, she stopped and read this sign to me it says "nana and papa and charlies are going to disney"  i guess the rest of us are not...haha

 ellie and i spending oh, about 2 HOURS at the park
 shes growing up too fast
 loving the swings