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walking in the woods

 i took the kids on SAT (i know im super last, been busy) for a walk in the woods. it was SO wet, johana was covered in mud by the time we got home.  so glad i put her in her water proof suit. but we had such fun!
 holding onto her rubber duck. haha

sun i was able to attend the most wonderful baby shower for a friend who's been waiting for the little miracle for a long, long time. 
 so, nate made himself a huge bowl of cereal. and i mean HUGE. i told him he had to eat ALL of it, because he has a bad habit of taking to much and not finishing it

after an HOUR of me nagging him, i saw him pick joey up and put her in her chair then took pic's of nate trying to get joey to eat his food!
" come on, dont you want some?"
 and she did
then he told me that sisters are good at getting them to eat his food! hahaha
 joey, all arms and legs, all over me.  love it
 i came into this and asked them what they were doing
ellie said "making cake!"
 then i put ellie to work. never too young. haha