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the donald

 last week, chris brought joey down for breaky and he did her hair
 like donald trump!
 he even used gel
sigh. i cant complain that he helped me get the girls up. haha
 ellie's eyes!
 last fri i had the brilliant idea too meet up with a friend at the park with the kids....we chatted for about 15 mins then the older kids took off into the woods...and my friend ditched me. ha.  we decided to split up and she took the older kids on a hike while i stayed with the girls at the park.  i stayed with the girls for 1.5 hrs! 
 they loved every minute of it
 we fed ducks, ran and played
 joey getting into everything
 ellie has no fear. she was keeping up with the older kids
 my heart!
 little jo
 my ellie
 then joey decided to eat some dirt. hahaha
 and we walked to the car.  nate went home with my friend and ended up staying for supper and the evening.  it was nice to get outside, even thou it was super cold and i didnt get to hit up the woods....but this season of little girls will pass...and ill have time to run then!