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book order!

 i did a mini book order for grade 4!!!!! last week.  i bought what i knew i wouldnt find used and it was on sale!!!! WHEEEEE.... i also scored 10 books for ME for 10.00!!!! im totally getting back into reading again.  im wanting to cancel cable and spend my summer nights reading!

i ordered the last zoology text book and journal for nate.  i think for gr 5 we will do anatomy
 i also bought wordly wise.  gr 4 will be the first yr im using actual vocab curric.  i also bought the teacher book for easy marking. ha. i peeked in the book and i like what i see!
 i also snagged this for ellie. its a full on book, with stickers and a dvd! 
 nate got his parcel in the mail yesterday
 he read the card out loud and was SO excited to get the book.  muetti, he read for 2 HOURS this morning, and another 2 this afternoon. he has about 30 pages left. he LOVES the book. thank you SO very much!!!!
  last night, after he spent an hour reading the book, i asked him what he thought and he did this...
 i grabbed a shower this am and found my monkeys like this!!!
 so thankful that i am home to see them
 joey, feeding herself....sigh....
 this morning at breaky. haha i had to force nate to put the book DOWN while we prayed for shawn.  shawns is in jordan on a mission trip and we pray for him each morning. joey even says "yahhhh" at the end
 while i got nate busy with school, and joey napped i took my ellie joy out for some one on one. she truly is a joy to be with. she wanted to zip, over and over and over
 my little joy
 pulling her own weight. ha
 then i pulled out nates old bike and got her on it. chris needs to air up the tires and tighten the bolts and im ready to teach my ellie how to ride a bike!
 us. i love her
 helping me shop. i enjoy this little girl!