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chris's email

this would be a prime example of romantic, encouraging emails i get from my beloved


did make me laugh thou 5 comments

blocks and the tree

 we played blocks while nate finished up his the look on her face when the blocks come down
 some up closeness of the grateful leaves
 nate can be so deep at times
 this one is ellie's in the order of which she said it
and that wraps up another very busy week! 0 comments

ellie's cow

 after her nap on thurs, ellie asked to make a cow. so we did. she did the whole thing herself, i just sat there and enjoyed talking to her. she is such a chatter box!  i cut the shapes out :)
 and drew the smile, she wanted a happy cow
 i think she is just awesome
 and cute too boot!
 so miss johana is now at the stage of getting into everything! i mean everything!  lots of messes to clean up!
 i was checking the book section at sally ann's the other day and came across this one...can you imagine speaking that for real on your kids???? i can't imagine. i obviously didnt buy the book, i was just shocked at the negativeness!
 where did nate go?  he's in disguise. haha



 chris said he would feed jo jo while im took a shower. poor jo jo. ha

we took the kids out for breaky this am, i came to the van to find johana like this!
 very pleased to be able to pull herself out of her seat and dance around
 such a turkey
 this week we have been working on our grateful tree, we spent some time each day writing out what we are grateful for...the kids said some amazing thing!
 we are studying birds in science and i must say, i truly enjoy it!  i might just get into birds as a hobby!  so, i made a mobile of birds for ellie's enjoyment
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skate park

 we picked chris up on fri morning for lunch, mostly bec we havent seen him all week and the kids were asking for him!  chris showed nate some of his moves
 not too bad for an old man. ha
 ellie ran behind with her elmo
 jo jo was just jo jo. happy to be alive
 check out her chubs!
 love them! love her!



 i herd the water running from upstairs, thinking this can not be good!  i ran down to find ellie washing her hands. ha

if you can only see the glint in jo jo's eyes when she gets the remote!
 ha! ive got the power!
 until nate grabs it from her hands!
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spy guy!

 so, nate is the neighborhood spy guy. i love his innocence, i love how no one has informed him yet that this could be 'uncool' i love how he is free to play an be himself!  tues night the kids got a spy kit and nate has been faithfully using his.  i love the notes he takes and leaves for me to read!
 can you tell where the snow stopped? sigh. slowly the tree is growing back
 nate and his spy gang, making sure everything was ok
 i asked nate to get ready for bed, he went into MY bathroom and got ready
 then jumped into bed with me. ha

chris has been working a lot of extra hours this week, on top of his normal 40, he has been clocking in 25 extra hours. its a lot!  im with the kids a lot and i can tell that i need a break by fri! 
 muffin ellie! cheese! 


 sat chris and nate drove to debert for a TOOL auction. they had a BLAST. i love that they have things in common and nate really likes being with his dad.  at the auction, nate saw a box with a power saw in it. he really wanted it, wouldnt you know it was the last lot to go up!  they waited until the end and he got it for 15.00!!! the whole box!  ok, so the guys there knew they were bidding against a kid, so they let him have it.  he was so excited to show me his saw. haha. ellie just wanted to be in the picture!
 sun, after church i took nate to frenchy's and found this cute sweater, look at the tag!  made by quinn!  the sweater was adorable, but way too small so i didnt get it. too bad hu!
 ellie taking a nap with big pooh
 i saw the puppies and asked ellie what it was about and she said " the puppies are at the library watching out the window" love her creative mind!
 little miss into EVERYTHING! is now pulling herself up and trying to crawl up the stairs!  my little baby is growing too fast!!!!


books, walking and art

 mon i had my last 3 HOUR dentist appoint. after my appoint i hit up sally ann and scored 20 books for 10.00. the best deal was ALL of the little house books for 5.00!  i got 5 pooh readers for ellie and 4 christian books!!!! for me!  awesome! i havent read any of the little house books, i can.not. wait to read them with ellie!!!
 horrid pic of me i know, but i adore how jo was so tired, she literally put her cheek on mine to stay up.  fresh out of the bath girl snuggles!  love it
 last night was the start up night for the kids ministry at the church, the team is spy!  which is so up nate's ally!  the best part about the program is dropping your kid up and picking them up  and hr and 15 min later. i talked my friend into bringing her kids along too, so we dropped the kids up and hit the park behind the church up. which i had NO idea this park existed!  we walked for an hour in beauty. it was the best way to spend a tues night. so now, we will make this a weekly thing until the snow falls, then we will hit up the coffee shops.  i can not believe i didnt know this park had back trails like this. i could spend hours walking them. so nice!
 the last 2 weeks ellie has really taken on art projects!  nate joins us to when he can.  i LOVE making things with her and most days she tells me what she wants to make, today it was a tiger. 
ellie's art work, notice the top purple sheet, that was nate's scarecrow, which he turned into a mind craft crow. ha.  he did a great job on it, the pink one beside it is ellie's scarecrow. she did all of it herself (i cut the paper) she glued it. i LOVE it. it really is a scare! crow! haha 0 comments

spy team

 this morning, nate and ellie, equipped with their spy kit went around the neighborhood in disguise to make sure everything was ok

they make a great team don't they!
 little miss jo jo!
 ellie joined me in making "bread cake" aka banana muffins, they have been asking me for awhile, and with an over load of banana's in the freezer we made 2 doz this morning
 watching them cook was a family affair
 they really wanted to eat them! ha