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the girls

 so, i discovered something new about me and my personal feeling, which was quite opposite from when nate was younger.  when nate was a preschooler, i went to mom clubs and put nate in a play class, no problem.

this yr, while reviewing and planning my year and activities, i had to pick and choose what i wanted to do.  after discussion among friends, most of them (ok all but me) are attending a home school friendly mom's club, there is only 1 in the city. you bring your preschoolers and put them in a class, and your home school kids are also in a class, with helpers who are there to assist with 1 hr of school work and then 1 hr of planned activity. perfect!  i can go to a mom's group that cares for my kids and socialize with friends!  perfect!

but, something wasnt right, i didnt feel peace, i couldn't put my finger on it but after a few days of reflecting over it i realised it was a easy-peasy conclusion!  i simply dont want to put the girls in a class, away from me and away from each other.

and then i realised i dont care what anyone thinks about this!  i simply told my friends, ill join next yr or not, but its not on the plans for this yr.  bummer that ill miss out, but im sure ill make up for it in other areas

so i did some looking and searching and i found a mom and me class for the girls! that i can be with them, of course there is the home school kids problem, nate.  what would i do with him?  he cant go obviously bec of his age...then bingo, it hit me!  ill drop nate off with his dad for an hour a week with a book.

so thurs we had our class, i dropped nate off and i took the girls. the class was packed, and as soon as i sat on the mat, both of my girls started bawling!  oops! haha. i explained to ellie i wasnt leaving her!  i was staying the whole time, she sat on my lap, with jo on the other said of my lap and after the first song and story, she loved the class!

we sang songs, had 2 stories, made a craft and had some free play. i was able to chat with some new to me mom's, ha ppl i dont know and voila. it was a great morning!

its been 2 days now and ellie is still talking about her class, with jo jo, singing the songs we learned and talking about the books. so yea, awesome for her and awesome for me for finding out what was bothering me and finding a solution. on my own!  

the above pic, is ellie in her class

stinky pants has a new hobby. she loves to crawl into the front room and throw all the books off the shelf!  she now uses the stool as a walker and i find her walking with it all over the main floor!
 busted! and grabbing a toy
 proudly showing me
 ha mom! i did it!  and i made a mess too!