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 fri night, chris and nate packed up together for another boy's camping trip. this time it was with uncle shawn and quinn.  i love how these 2 guys are growing closer to each other, spending time together and connecting.  chris and nate spend most nights in the shop now, chris tinkers with him lathe and nate plays, talks and gets into stuff.  nate actually chooses to go in the shop OVER his tablet! 
 nate with his pack on. he's already to go. they left sat morning.  so it was just us girls for the night. which i didnt mind! i read a book and did laundry!  babies really make lots of laundry! ha
 my little wake up call.  i find her like this most mornings. with a smile. always a smile
 she's in her prison outfit. hahaha  i think ill keep the sleep bag till she out grows it, she kicks her blankets off when i dont have her in it!
so glad we had this little bundle!