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the first day of school!

 when the days are long and full of challenges, i take my joey jo and snuggle with her
 she melts the negative away
 love her
such a wonderful blessing!

we started back to full school on monday and wouldnt you know it, ellie decided to stop napping.  so out goes mt plans and in place is plan b "just wing it" so i am!

monday was brutal
tues was better
today was wonderful!

i think nate is really maturing and is learning to go with it.  i am so proud of him and his take charge attitude.  after breaky this morning he tole me he was going upstairs to do all his independent work.  after i put the girls down we took an hr to go over some more work, ellie was done being alone and joined us.  nate was able to work with ellie getting into everything!  i am super proud of him

i am not sure how the yr is going to pan plan is not going to work, so im asking god to show me what i can to with ellie during the more quiet/lesson/teaching time with nate...ill get back to yous on that! ha