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the kids

 happy baby! 

i bathed the girls and put jo in this onsie. its the first thing i bought just for her after i found out i was having another girl!  she fits it now!
 there is nothing like fresh, out of the bath, clean babies in new clothes!
 the girls!

jo jo, the little sis!
 breakfast this morning, at our "not back to school breakfast" 
 nate is a huge helper for me! 
public school is back today. we aren't.  im thinking we will start next week and spend time reviewing and gradually starting this wk....although, i gave nate a chapter book today and told him if he reads it he can have an hour of tablet.  i hear him on the couch reading and laughing out loud.  love it.  its a great sound to hear

it is so quite around the neighborhood today. the kids are gone.  so weird!  i am truly glad i stuck the first 2 yrs out and kept at it, i like that we home educate