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some time last week!

 ellie told me in a deep voice on fri "I not having a nap today!" and she didnt.  instead she joined us for craft time. where she made a sun, turtle and a snowman.  and yes, i home educate nate with out a shirt, he was hot. har!
 ellie out on copper's sunglasses. little turkey!

yesterday, before i left i tried to get a pic with jo, but she would not stay still long enough!  i had the pleasure of joining my friends for a simulcast of beth moore's newest series. it was an AWESOME day!  i had a blast, so glad i went.  i learned so much and caught up with friends. its nice to feel adult again!
 me and the girls.  nate had the pleasure of spending the weekend with jon and jess.  chris drove him up fri night and we picked him up today (sunday) nate had a great time and it was great timing for chris...1 less kid to watch on sat while i was away! ha
 this morning, ellie showed me her friends. hahahaha yes, she is still in a crib. im too lazy to change it to a bed, maybe in jan? theres no rush on this. haha
 this morning ellie and i came down to this!  birds on the shop!