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sat shediac

 i left jo jo with daddy on sat for her nap, while chris played in the shop with his new toy...cough....waste of money....cough....hahaha i took the older 2 out. i told them they could go anywhere (with in reason, no nana and papa's, disney or uncle jon's) and they both picked "the big blue slide"as ellie calls it and the lobster in shediac. so we went. 
 after this pic, i laughed when i realised ellie was copying nate!
 i tell nate, it sucks that he's the first born bec the other kids WILL look up to him and copy what he does....he got to "see" that ellie already is!  sucks for the responsibility but nate can handle it, he's a 60 yr old in a little boy's body
 ellie took her shoes off and sat on the 5 and rested
 then we did some beach combing, hill running up and down and all around and really, we had a great afternoon together
 ellie doll