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 it was so HOT this wkend. i took the girls to the park to feed the ducks after naps, ellie pushed jo.  she really takes on this whole big sister role seriously!
 we found this perfect, bright red mushroom in the middle of the bush.  so neat! i secretly was looking for trolls to pop out of it! 
 i sat on the rocks, with jo in my arms and watched eliana feed the ducks. one cracker at a time. she had so much fun.  ellie brought crackers over for johana too
 how did ellie get so big?
such a great sister she is!

its funny, you get in a good place with one kid and another starts to test the waters.  nate has been EXCELLENT lately, but ellie? she's totally testing me, which compared to nate is nothing. har har BUT i have to force myself to get at her and not let the little things slide...shes a great gal, just trying to figure out what she can sneak away with.  sorry kiddo. when i ask you to do something you do it!  and you do it NOW, not later....haha