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spy guy!

 so, nate is the neighborhood spy guy. i love his innocence, i love how no one has informed him yet that this could be 'uncool' i love how he is free to play an be himself!  tues night the kids got a spy kit and nate has been faithfully using his.  i love the notes he takes and leaves for me to read!
 can you tell where the snow stopped? sigh. slowly the tree is growing back
 nate and his spy gang, making sure everything was ok
 i asked nate to get ready for bed, he went into MY bathroom and got ready
 then jumped into bed with me. ha

chris has been working a lot of extra hours this week, on top of his normal 40, he has been clocking in 25 extra hours. its a lot!  im with the kids a lot and i can tell that i need a break by fri! 
 muffin ellie! cheese!