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soapy situation!

 check out her chin. she was cutting her 8th tooth, the right eye tooth. drool everywhere!

we took the pool down over the wkend, so the kids were roasting in the heat yesterday. i gave them some dish soap and the hose and off they went.
 it was so funny to watch!
 they couldnt stand long. then i hosed them off and showers were complete!  kidding, i gave the girls baths later!
 little mis sunshine in her eyes before she broke them
 and after!
johana was SO very cranky yesterday morning, melting down over and over. chris said and i QUOTE "she wasnt acting like this until you (meaning ME) came in the room" and my personal fav "she never acts like this when i am with her"

what ever. i sent him to the shop. so he can spend more time with his MACHINES.  i figured she was cutting that tooth, so i put her to bed early, and after her 3.5 hr nap, i got her up and voila. she cut the tooth.  but she was so drooly, i just kept her in a diaper. she now has 8 teeth with one more on the way!  she should cut it by the wkend