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nature walk

 jo was so upset when she realised the snacks were gone.  haha. love her!

after a great school day, i packed the kid up and hit the woods for a nature scavenger hunt, this was actually a school project that i turned into a fun walk, as nate called it.  we spent 2 HOURS in the park!  so fun. i cant wait till i can ditch the stroller and go deeper in the woods. maybe i should invest in a back carrier?hummmm?  anyways!  it was a great way to end the school day
 ive noticed nate is really loving on both his sisters lately. im proud of my boy
 naters and jo jo
 nate was bringing the ducks over, by tossing crumbs and calling
 here they come!
they spent a good 40 mins running and playing with the ducks!  my friend and her crew were going to join us today, but bec the weather is so nice they went to the trailer for the week.