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building and clean ups

 i dont care how old you are, if you write on my walls, YOU will scrub it off.  ellie leaned this the hard way, she wrote on the wall with a pencil and had to scrub it off herself, but im kinda laughing cause she looked so cute and she enjoyed it. she likes to clean. haha
 i scored a crazy fort kit at sally ann for 5.00. all the pieces were there. the kids played with it yesterday afternoon. we made a few forts with it, but to be honest, most of the time was spent building structures instead.  totally worth 5.00....but NOT worth the prig price tag of 50.00!
 fort 1
 fort 2
then one of the neighborhood boys came over and destroyed it.  i told nate that its a great excuse to build another one next week
looks who's riding her trike the right way!  seriously, the girls are growing up too fast.  i keep looking at ellie and think "3???? already? didn't i JUST bring you home?"