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fab-ou fri!

 the weather has been SO nice, im talking +28 nice!  i took the kids to the skate park yesterday morning to surprise nate. he has been asking me all week to go and we've been so busy i just couldn't make it happen.  so after breaky on fri, i packed a lunch and grabbed a coffee and went to enjoy the sun
 johana sat and watched the whole time. we took her up and down the ramps in the stroller, which she LOVED, i even took nate's scooter and went on the ramps! 
 nate was talking away while i snapped this pic. i was just enjoying his chatter.  after i took the pic, he looked at me and said"mom, thanks for home schooling me" i had a tear in my eye. 
 ellie ran and ran and ran and ran. the girl never stops!
 she picked a flower for my hair too. and yes, i know it's long. too long. just havent had a chance to cut it!
 johana was just happy. always happy!

we got home and i forced ellie to have a nap, she hasent napped all week, which completely messed up my plans of schooling nate while she napped! sigh which made the week interesting BUT i didnt lose my temper, not even once!

then nate and i sat down to do school and i can honestly say, for the first time ever. and i mean EVER. he did all his work with out one complain, with out losing his temper, he was ENJOYABLE and we had a GREAT time together. at the end of the day he came to me and said"i want every school day to be like this" me too bud! me too!

maybe his love tank was filled from the skate park? maybe he's maturing? maybe it was just bec he was alone, with out distractions? maybe it was the moon? what ever it is, please jesus let it happen again! haha

i rewarded him with allowing his friend to come over and play an HOUR of mindcraft and i took his sister out of the room, so they wouldnt bother him!  that was gold to him. ha

last night, i went and saw war room. it ended up being 8 of us going, which i am SO thankful my friend saved the seats for us, the theater was packed. the movie was great.  what i loved the most about it was the uncompromising, un politically correct, un willing to change the words to make it not so 'christian'.  it was real truth, raw and real. go see it if you can, it's a great movie

and i also have to add (can you tell the kids are sleeping and i have quiet to type. ha) nate and i watched the movie called mcfarland together the other night, it is a great, wholesome family movie! no swearing, sex or violence and it opened up the topic of pther cultures and life style. its on netflicks! 

and with that, nap time is over!