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 my special gift!
 ill keep her!

i had the greatest gift on tues, by a great friend.  i was having a bummer monday, nothing really was wrong, i told her it was hormonal. ha.  so she said she was coming by tues around 10:30 to pick up nate and take him till 5 to give me a break.  my heart!  i spent tues in the playroom, purging and setting up some school stuff, making some crafts for ellie but mostly, i had 2 hrs that i could make this for nate.  nate is afraid of the dark and finds nights hard at times.  i cant be there for him all the time and he's getting older, i told him its time to take what he knows and use it.  i printed off a bunch of scripture that are mostly about character and the power of god, i cut them out and laminated them on a ring for him.  he takes them to bed with him and reads the verses until he falls asleep.  even thou he spends most nights in my bed with me, i dont go to bed with him.  so he's on his own, its time for him to walk the word and practice it.  he loves the rings, so i spent my alone time working. haha BUT i got them done. awesome! 
 a funny note, i found nates TOOTH brush in my bathroom last night, along with his tooth paste. i think he's slowly moving in. haha
 i was feeding jo on the couch and watched ellie try to wake chris up by reading. it was so funny. he slept through the whole thing. but she kept reading her book to him!