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this and that

 ellie learned how to cut paper on her own! so fun to capture her face!  so fun to be the one to teach her this stuff
 wed afternoon, we went for a walk to get milk and the lady gave the kids apples, after having a chat with her about why nates wasnt in school we found out her daughter is besties with a friend of mine's daughter! small world.  public school went back on tues, we spent the week slowly getting into school. i spent an hr a day with nate reviewing and he read "the wind in the willows" i plan on starting nate into full school on monday!
 my 2 monkey messy makers! working away making a mess!
 and very pleased with herself!
 nate went and made me a mini garden last tues, he wanted something to make me smile. and it did. thanks bud!
 i was on my knees, digging in the fridge when i got a tap on my shoulder. i looked up and there was ellie with my bag and sunglasses on. she told me "she was going shopping"  i grabbed my phone and snapped these 2 pics
 adorable. dont tell me they dont watch everything you do!
 i took the kids to the skate park to blow off their energy. nate is getting really good!
 check out his moves
 this is johana, which i like to call "one hot mess" she was SO tired. haha
 then i found ellie like this
my word she is a funny girl!

and that was a quick glimpse into my week. how was yours?