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 sat chris and nate drove to debert for a TOOL auction. they had a BLAST. i love that they have things in common and nate really likes being with his dad.  at the auction, nate saw a box with a power saw in it. he really wanted it, wouldnt you know it was the last lot to go up!  they waited until the end and he got it for 15.00!!! the whole box!  ok, so the guys there knew they were bidding against a kid, so they let him have it.  he was so excited to show me his saw. haha. ellie just wanted to be in the picture!
 sun, after church i took nate to frenchy's and found this cute sweater, look at the tag!  made by quinn!  the sweater was adorable, but way too small so i didnt get it. too bad hu!
 ellie taking a nap with big pooh
 i saw the puppies and asked ellie what it was about and she said " the puppies are at the library watching out the window" love her creative mind!
 little miss into EVERYTHING! is now pulling herself up and trying to crawl up the stairs!  my little baby is growing too fast!!!!


Jeff Wilson said...

Thanks for the update! We started AWANA tonight. I help out for part of it and the rest of the evening I get to hang out with my friends.
School is going well. Katie finished her first lifepac. Maya is loving the Math (worksheets from a variety of sources). On Sunday we'll go to the local Fair and we'll see how I did with my canning, baking and crafts entries. Mom, Dad and Markus will join us for the weekend to celebrate our 23rd " In Canada Day" and come to the Fair with us. Your Christmas present is there too😀.

Not Jeff said...

FYI the above comment should really read "URSI Wilson said: ..."

mel said...

ursi, do you like lifepac? i havent used it, but ive heard mixed reviews on it. let me know how your day at the fair went, you are a canning goddess! 23 days in canada, that's crazy. you are way more canadian than swiss hahaha....tell jeff i said hi! ;)