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 my little family!  all ready for church
 sunday was crazy hair day for nate. this is as crazy as he would let me go....which turned out awesome and how he loves it! i did his hair like this yesterday and he got so many compliments on it! 
 love them!
 sunday lazying around. so enjoyable
 ellie was playing with her dolls and didnt want to come over for a pic
 the sign of the end of the day.  i love how nate hangs up his robe in MY room and hops into MY bed. ha.  i truly dont mind, he wont be there when he's 18! right?!?!?! haha
 oh ellie, i found her like this yesterday. playing away....
 nate and his friends were bored yesterday afternoon, so i gave them a plastic bag, told them to go find string and make a kite. 3 HOURS were spent outside playing with these and i quote "AMAZING kites"  we took the kite for a walk, ellie came along with her books and stopped every 3 seconds to pick flowers or look at bugs
 see a flower, for me!
 and off they ran
jo jo is stuck in the stroller for another yr. which i fine with me.  all too soon she will be gone with them....


John Carroll said...

daer mll how was satdeak .