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oil change!

 yesterday am. chris went out to change the oil in the van, almost as a second thought he said he would bring nate out to help (meaning he was planning on doing it) but then changed his mind to have nate help having nate do it!  normally, nate would have started school but i said go out and change the oil! ha i spent some time alone with ellie, which was nice. 
 aww love it
 nate was proud of a job well done
i am blown away by how much nate has matured and changed.  i am SO proud of my son

its another thing about home educating that i love, nate has the opportunities to learn out side the box/school room.  after the oil change nate stayed in the shop with chris for another 2 hrs to help chris prepare for the coop class he teaches.  nate came in around 2:30 to do his book work. 



 daddy and ellie painting. so cute. she is such a daddy's girl!
i spent sometime with this kidlet today.  we were running errands, and i bought us a snack.  i gotta brag this kid up a bit!  he was with me for over 2 hours and did not complain ONCE!  not only that, he said thank you for everything he got and didnt ask for anything!  and we were able to chat about the things that are important to him.  i love him

on the other hand....little miss ellie pants is in to EVERYTHING! she decided to wash my bathroom and bedroom floors with the toilet brush and toilet water!!!!!! anyone who knows me, knows that i have an issue with toilets and germs....sob sob.....i washed ellie up in the tub and chris washed my floors.  i love her but man, she is quick! 

happy sunday everyone! 0 comments

baby shower!

 jon and jess had their baby shower yesterday, it was hosted by jess's mom and step dad at their adorable bed and breaky.  i will say, it was AWESOME to just attend a shower with out planning it. i was able (cause u know its about me, right. haha i KID!) to relax, and meet a lot of new ppl/family of jess's.  johana came with me, and did SO good.  i did take her out during the gift opening, she was hot and super tired. so i kept myself busy by checking the quality control of the food, it was great! haha

we were given cute take home bags
 some decore pics
 cute blanket cake!
 awww baby belly
 wall pic of jon and jess
 jess holding johana or as i now call her my little jo jo bean
 more decor and a pic of me taking the pic. ha!
 jon and jo, and she didn't cry!  awesome jon! ha
 some of the loot!
 taking a quick nap in aunty's arms
 aunty and jo jo bean
 opening gifts
 the food.  it was great. i really helped with the quality control
jo and the hat....unfortach most of my pics didn't turn out. i think it was a lighting issue.  but at least i got these!

now on to the baby count down.....7 weeks to go!  wheeee!

we are super excited for j&j!  yeah for babies!!!! 0 comments

3 months!!!

 baby jo jo bean. she is 3 months!  what the heck???? how fast did that go bye???  i cry as i pack away her new born clothes
 she was rather serious yesterday
there we go! a smile!  she is such a great baby!!!  i rather enjoy this wee one....maybe it's knowing shes the last?  or her good temperament?  or maybe im coming into my own as a mom?  who knows...i just quiet like her! 1 comments

my family!

 daddy having a post feed, pre nap chat with both his girls
 ellie wanted to "touch bebe doh doh"
 and super, awesome, amazing big brother joined in
 my 3 turkeys all looking at the camera. at the same time! 
 my heart
love it. ellie was trying to get her fingers like nate. hahaha 0 comments

a boast!

 johana was my helper yesterday as i played catch up, marking nate's work....from the last week....
 such a helper she is. im so keeping her!  sigh.

i have spent so many hours crying and typing out my frustrations and sharing my struggles with my first born son.  now, its time to boast!

over 2 wks ago, we had company, something clicked in nate's brain that wkend.  he came to me and we had a chat. a good chat

nate, on his OWN has taken upon himself to change his negative characteristics....he stopped arguing!  complaining! and  having a bad attitude.

after 3 days of this, nate came to me and noticed that he was SO much more TIME to PLAY!  he also noticed that i have more time to spend with him!  seriously!  we both realized that the time that we would spend arguing was now free time....for us to do something together. alone, with no sisters.  bed time is now spent reading and talking.

he listens, he obeys, he's a DELIGHT!  i am SO proud of my boy!  i can honestly say the tears were worth it!  i am SO glad i stuck this out last month.  i LOVE my new kid.  hes seriously a delight to have around. and he wants to run errands with me, yesterday i took him and he didnt ask for a single thing!  just hung out with me!

then last night, nate WANTED to make supper. so i let him, he did almost all of it. on his own. i was SP proud of him.....he set the table, he put the food on the plates and brought them to us, to serve US instead of us serving him!  we had a great meal!  no arguing. it was amazing. then nate cleaned the table off....we didnt ask him, he just did it!  sob sob

i am SO proud!
i share the struggles and well, now im sharing the pay off.  i am SO proud of my son!!! 0 comments

nates bike!

 nate was given a motorized bike but it needed a lot of work.  chris and i decided to spend the money to get it working....chris spent a few hours in the shop with it and was ready yesterday
 chris tested it first
 then nate tried it
 off he went
 sob sob
and yes, he loves it. hahahaha 0 comments


 our little jo is 3 MONTHS! old.  where did the time go??????  she is SUCH an angel baby.  im going to boost her to the 4 hr routine next week. sob sob. she is a great sleeper, even through the chaos of the wkend, she was the easiest part to deal with.  so thankful for our bonus. can not imagine life with out her
 doing tummy time yesterday while ellie napped
 the cheeks
 getting ready to do a first, that i captured.....a little to the right with a kick of her feet....
 more kicking and a bit to the left....
 and voila! she rolled from front to back
 she was like how did i get here?
 nate was there and was quite keen that she saw it
 having a little chat
flash back of 2 yrs ago much?  seriously, i cant get over how fast time is flying by
one more roll. i adore her tiny face

we have our house back now.  i spent yesterday cleaning and catching up on laundry and life. its nice to have my normal back, we have a great routine and the kids are doing good! 0 comments

brother love!

 johana was talking to nate. so cute. shes is getting very vocal, i love it!
 close up
he is such an amazing brother, to both his sisters. i am SO thankful for the age gap, its turned out to be a huge blessing.  plus nate and i had 5 amazing years together. he will always be my buddy 0 comments