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 so we went up to hali last weekend for 2 reasons. quinn's play and chris's metal. i will not discuss the metal on my blog bec it almost sent us to divorce court. this STUPID, NEVER ENDING METAL ORDER will be the dead to me!!!!!  GOODNESS


back to the kids....nate signed us in
 charlie showed me her bag that i want, lol and almost stole from her. but i didnt hahaha

joey watched the kids play
 ellie too
 charlie presented her poem
 joey sang a song
 shawn was shawn, policing the joint
 awe my heart
 the boys put on their play, which was actually funny
 ellie loves her uncle shawn
 then ellie sang a solo
 and most important. i went out with my sister for some ME ME ME time. we had pedi's
 i found them like this, my heart
 joey playing with the gps on the way home
 when we came home ellie found polish in the same color as my toes and she wanted hers done to match
 joey. with her new boots. she wears them all. the. time. i finally just wiped the bottoms so she can wear them in the house.  for real, she wakes up from her nap and puts on her boots, shes been wearing them all morning too
 playing with the dirt...wearing her boots
 i ran errands yesterday with the kids. around 3:30 i was done but ellie wanted "another store!" so i dropped her off with chris knowing he had to run errands too....chris brought her some like this. out. cold
 ha ha
what did she say this morning? "can i go to another store?"

and with that, i must turn the tv off and stop ignoring my kids...hahaha