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part 7!

 after the ruins we hit the cabana back up for a few hours, showered, met some friends for drinks and stayed out until 3 am. again!
 cry and her martini's

i tried duck!
it was ok
 then i had a STEAK!
and it was good!
 wed morning, after about an hour of sleep....we docked in costa maya.  we decided to have a low key day, we hit up the shops, did some walking around and went back to the ship to go rest in our cabana
 the ship from the shore
 the water in costa maya was this amazing blue/green color
 cry in front of the boat on the way back
 me! it was super windy this day
 view from my cabana looking up
 more fruit on a stick served to me by our friends
 i did some reading and took a nap
 then we showered, got ready for supper and met up with freinds....and stayed out until 2, this time we met up at a cute pub where we chatted and learned a lot about the country our friends were from
 i did change into something more comfortable...another pair of leggings and tunic....which i was teased for wearing....
 cry with the wind in her hair