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part 3!

 i woke up to our first sea day, i was feeling a bit better. we had breakfast, this was my typical breaky.  which was AMAZING to not have to make myself!

then we hit up the cabana where we spent the day.  i forgot my hair clip, but found ellie's in the bottom of my bag so i used it....then cried because i missed her

at this point i decided that i had to do something about that. so i decided to do what chris does and put my family in a box and not think or talk about them...i told cry what i was doing and she agreed it was the best thing to do
 our bar tenders would bring us fruit kabobbs daily, as well as an iced cloth in the afternoon when it was hot
 the view was amazing
 mon night i was still quite sea sick, which i NEVER get!!!  this is me at my finest
 out for dinner at savor
i decided this trip to do everything opposite than the last...and i REALLY DID!  i tried all kinds of new foods!
 cry waiting for her order
and me not wanting to be sea sick so i could get a glass of wine!
 starting to relax
 my supper. chicken cordon blue
it was good!
 dessert, some pine apple creation
 and the best dessert....molting lava cake!
 and i found a chess board. this is for nate. nate loves playing chess!