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quick update

i haven't been posting as of late due to my extreme almost coma state of sleep deprivation. i feel like i did when nate was 3 weeks old.

for some reason (thyroid?ha) i have not been sleeping. like for real. you know when some people say "i haven't slept at all last night!" but really mean, i slept for 5 hrs but i feel like i haven't slept at all. i am one of those. "i haven't for real slept at all last night" girls.

i have tried so many things to sleep. i have asked around for advise but they are not working! i am sooo tired!

my tired but did not work list

-warm milk-it tastes gross and made me get up to pee. purpose defeated
-go to bed and read-nope, just wanted to stay up later and read
-work out before going to bed-just made me hyper
-eat small meals all day long-i have been doing this for yrs. obviously doesn't work
-go to bed later-ha. ummm no, just more tired
-go to bed earlier-did and still did not sleep
-take a bath-nope did't work
-sleep with the window open-nada
-sleep with the a/c on-again nada
-read the bible-haha
-sleeping pills-nadadada

i just want to sleep! any tips?? help!!!

other than that we are alive and well. we are having our first ever family pic's done. yeah, i suck with that....nate is 2 yrs old and we don't have any family pic's! wish us luck with that!

until next time...