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park day

nate and i had a delightful day at the park. i let him go free in the woods and discovered that he loves running, climbing and discovering the wooded areas. when he would tire, i put him in the stroller, push for a bit then stop at a new place and let him run free. we had such a great morning!
one can not go to a park with out feeding the ducks, or chasing them
i tore the bread into pieces and put them in a pile so nate to feed the ducks himself. he would grab a piece of bread, run to the ducks, stop and use every bit of strength in his wee body to throw it. so. cute.
then he got tired of feeding the ducks
and fed himself instead. we spend over 2 hours at this park. some of the trees are changing colors. so wonderful, fall is the most wonderful time of the year...
i feel better today, i got about 5-6 hrs of sleep last night. who would guess i would be ecstatic over 5 hrs of sleep!