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guess who's sooky free?

the whole sook thing was such an issue with me.

before nate was born it was the question: do i want to use it? i had heard much negative jazz about it. at 10 days, old while trying to eat out in a restaurant, i chose to use it. ha.
then it was: how often? when is to much? public? crib? car? age??? as nate grew i weaned him more and more. then at 1 yr, he only got it in the crib for naps and bed
then it was: how in god's wonderful, glorious, green, grass world will i take it away? i needed a game plan. i researched, bugged other mom's for wisdom and made a plan...some day ( i could not actually commit to the date) i would snip the tip of the sook off, after i clearly explained to nate that he is a big boy and big boy's don't need sooks. wonderful good. game plan, all set, all comfy and ready to one day take the sook away
then we went to jon and jess's and the dang sook got lost! so i made the decision right then and there, monday afternoon. nate was done with the sook. i put him down for his nap and due to his exhaustion he crashed after 15 mins...
then we went home. monday night. night 1 with no sook. he cried for about 20 mins. it took over an hour for him to fall asleep but he did well...after crying "oh no" and pointing to his mouth...and asking for countless glasses of juice....
tues nap time. it took an hour to fall asleep and countless trips to his room. then he crashed for an hour...with all the constructions, paving and landscaping it is really loud and it's hard for him to sleep.
tues night. 15 mins of crying, 3 trips to his room (ok, i admit, i enjoy the cuddles) 1 glass of milk. 45 mins to fall asleep.
wed nap. 45 mins to fall asleep, 2 trips to his room and no milk.
wed night. 45 mins to get to sleep, no crying, a lot of talking and roaring, 1 glass of milk.
we are sook free. i can say it because i am his mother and i made the choice. i hope and pray he naps well this afternoon and night. all this sleeplessness has created 1 cranky monster boy!