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our week away...sorta...

my parents delighted us with the amazing gift of 1 week nate sitting for chris and i to take off and get away. we did, sorta. we left mon-wed bec we had to teach the kiddo's at church wed night, then we left thurs p.m-sat morning. the first 2 days we went to hopewell rocks. we explored albert mines, check out the above pic
then we snooped in the woods and we found this cozy cottage. we untied the ribbon that held the door shut to find

a clean, furnished and well kept cottage. i am guessing a hunting log. note the fem touches that fill the cabin, even the table is set! there is no power or running water but adorable!

tues we spent the day hiking through hopewell rocks, then drove to fundy and spent some time exploring the place. we also discovered am amazing mom/pop restaurant that had the best food evah!
more water and rocks
hopewell fun
thurs morning we all went to the park to find those ducks and feed them
nate found them and chased them

and more chasing

walking with nana and poppa
ohhh more ducks to chase
thurs afternoon (after spotting a frenchies and spending some time there) we headed off to our next destination where we stayed at a b&b on the water
we discovered this amazing plantation, that housed over 5000 different trees. it was HUGE, every tree was labeled, there was also am amazing garden and hiking trails. we enjoyed it immensely! (jeff, you would have wet your pants :) ha
we walked along the beach, on the trail so my shoes would not get dirty

it was over 4 km's walk. it took us an hour. if i was alone, it would have done it in less than 30 mins
more beauty
more beach
chris and i had a great time but to be honest. splitting the trip up was super sucky. out of the 5 days we were given nate free, 2 of them were spent doing something and enjoying our selves. next time, we are not splitting it up and we are going away farther!
nate did well. he didn't miss me much, which makes me happy. i know i can leave him again for a longer time (good for me!) and it makes me feel good that he is fine spending time with his grandparents.
so my next question is.....when can we do it again!?!