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labour day at jon&jess's

what's a trip to uncle fun and aunty gus with out a stop at the train and sand box? nate played, chris and i indulged on coffee
we decided to explore a trail by jon's house. we found an awesome rock pile on the river. many rocks were tossed into the water
then we found sticks and carried them around
nate was helping the big boys cut down trees; over all acting manly
nate did the grunt work
i flew a kite
then we made a fire, to burn off some wood. nate was having a chat with jon
chris and jess thought it would be brilliant to add a "couple" feet of extra string to the kite. which worked well, until it got stuck in a tree
nate and i cuddled by the roaring fire with milk and apples
chris and nate rolled around in the grass
much fun was had
then it was time to go

nate found his toes to be extremely fascinating and spent quite a bit of time inspecting them
we had a great visit. there is something to be said about simplicity. we spent our time outside in the quiet country setting, nothing but the sound of the wind through the trees. fall is in the air and it truly is the most wonderful time of year