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big girl!

 johana is now in the big girl chair!  i gave her some cheerio's to munch on and she was quite taken with the whole process
 she then decided it was much easier to put her mouth on the table top and suck them up
 pick pick pick!
 and back down to suck some more up
 she was very pleased with it!

to make the transfer of the chair from ellie to jo, jo i told her she can sit in daddy! chair while he's gone and she sits beside nate for supper.  it's cute, they push their chairs up close and giggle and share food....yeah...
 my toe!!!!  nate was running to give me a hug (he was excited he got his math right!) and ended up tripping and running his toe into mine. resulting in this.  it hurt SO bad!
 ellie, my little ellie. she was very happy to not nap!
 i went up to put jo to bed and came down to this. i was like??? what????? how????? then nate came out laughing telling me he had set it up for her while i was gone to trick me into thinking ellie did it.  good one nate, you did get me! 


Jonathan said...

Math hurts, even when it's right ;)