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mothers day!

 i came down to this. a blob on the couch, i heard giggles so i went over and peeked and found this

sun was a super busy day, i wanted to enjoy it so chris stayed home sun morning with the girls, and while they napped he cleaned my floors, cleaned up and made desert. i went to church with nate.  church was awesome.  they had the whole place decked out and silly me i forgot to take pics!

we were greeted in the parking lot by golf carts taking mom's to the door, instead of walking.  then they had kids holding huge signs that said "you are doing a great job!" with the kids high 5ing the moms as they walked in.

once we weer in the building, they had greeters wearing funny tshirts holding serving trays of chocolate and coffee coupons for free coffee

there was a photo booth, balloons, a kid station where they made signs of why they love their mom's etc...

i dropped nate off at the kids world and enjoyed the service. alone. awesome!
 nate is in the back row, black tshirt. just one of the pics around the place

then we went home, packed the girls up and drove almost to amherst where we met up with the fam for mother's day!
 copper was there too!
 he likes me better haha
 ellie with nana
 jo with papa (that would be paper in her mouth, she was eating the place mat) haha
 the boys!
 charlie wanted to take our pic
 then johana took this pic  after we hit up mcdee's inside place place for the kids to play

(ok not really, she was in the car, we had a stranger take the pic)
 cute cute! and very yummy. i love lindt!
 quinn brought me this card and a flower and made me all teary
 he gave me his own money! 
 i put it on my b.board so i can see it every day.  i love you quinn, thank you for thinking of me on mother's day!
then we got home and got ready for company for the evening.  dessert and coffee outside with friends is a great way to end the day!

happy mother's day everyone!