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i am posting this as a journal of sorts, not so much as a blog post...

last night, while correcting nates school work, i decided to use the teachers guide for a quicker making session, truth be told, i was 2 weeks i went along one subject in particular jumped out at me.  nate may get his volume from me, but he gets his precise persuasion from his dad....

as i marked i realized that he was getting 99% of the answers wrong, i was getting madder and madder as i went along, i came to the conclusion that nate just peeved off the last 2 weeks and wanted to see if he could get away with it

i have also been fighting a sinus/cold and really have not been feeling well the last week, and last night, at 4 i was NOT in the mood to deal with this

so i typed out a letter for him, telling him that when his dad gets home to come up to the school room/playroom and be ready for a good school session

i was calculating a good 2 hrs of him redoing his work

chris came home

nate came up

just minutes before, i looked in the mirror and asked god to show me how to deal with the situation

he immediately showed me a verse in the bible

nate came in and sat down

i put my finger up and said "nate, not a word.  not one word.  i am going to read this to you

"i call heaven and earth as a witness to you today, that i have set before you today life and death; blessing and cursing, therefor choose life, that both you and your family will live"

i read it again

and again

then i said "you right now, are being tested. how will you chose?  life or death?  you know in your heart you did not do your best at school.  you will be redoing your lessons, tonight.  you can choose if you will enjoy it and learn a life lesson (life) or scream, yell, act up and i will get upset with you (death).  how will you choose?"

he got quiet and wrote on a piece of paper

life.....but i am super made right now, dont talk to me.


we spent the next hour redoing his work

toward the end of the lesson, he came to me and asked "mom, can i show you my answers, to me they make sense"

i saif totally! show me your work!  i went thought his answers and if i looked at his perspective, coming from an 8 yr old boy, his answers werent that far off. 

i realised that maybe i should leave him some room to answer the questions his way ( it was his bible application work)

an hour and .5 later. we left the school room

as friends

thank you jesus that im not in this alone!  i called to you and you answered!

-ill update with pics as soon as i can.....ha!