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the kids

 we forward faced jo the other night in the van, at 15 months i was ok with it in the van. i think/feel that she is too tiny to be forward facing in my car for now. so ill keep her rear. but she LOVED and i mean LOVED being forward facing in the van!!!!

thurs night, nate came down with a tummy bug. i put him in my bed, and held him as he slept
 i was created to do this....i can do it
 ellie my ellie
playing with her doll
such a delight you are
so much fun you bring to our little family!

ellie funny.  yesterday, i was bending over cleaning up toys when i felt someone come up behind me.  then i hear ellie's voice as she touched mt butt and she said "oh mommy! you have the cutest bum!"  and pinched my butt! haha
every time i see her naked bum (jo too) i grab them and say "you have such a cute bum!"
bawahhhh i laughed and laughed
 i was marking nate's work and laughed at question 3. the picture was an ice cube, but ill take Antarctica dude!