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park pt 1

 it was a very crisp fall morning, and all the kids woke up early (7:00) so i thought, what can we do this morning?  it had to be outside, wanting to be outside as much as we can before the snow its.  i hit up a local park. the trails are good for a stroller and there are wooded paths that nate can take in the woods that i can sorta see where he is. he took ellie most of the time. we spent over an HOUR in the woods. the kids were tired and ready for naps! haha
 jo chilled, all snuggled up
 watching the water in the river, noticing how much faster is was flowing than normal, listening to the birds and trying to find the chipmunks.  ellie brought her dolly
 ellie was showing me the water and leaves going "very! very! fast!"
 nate took my camera and went off into the woods, he saw the bark peeling and we talked about how the native people used it for canoes, homes and clothing
 he found some animal fur. he says deer, i think a rabbit?
 ellie went with nate.  selfie time!
 the leaves were beautiful
 trying to take a pic of a song bird
he got it!