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the weather!

 has been SO nice this week.  we walked to the park the other day.  ellie and joey would run to each other and give big hugs. so cute
i sat under a tree, in the park. so nice to be outside!  and watched the kids play.  we would have stayed longer but joey came to me and said "mama! BIG poop" and smacked her bum. yep, she did. big poop! ha
 two peas in a pod. another day another park
 the best shot. nate and his sisters in the back ground.  ellie climbed to the top and nate went over to help her down.  joey got about 1/2. my heart she has no fear that girl!
 nate now packs books to the parks.  when we go in the morning, we bring a school book along to do together while the girls play.  he likes that. in the afternoons he brings a fun book to read
 tues night, nate and i went and ran errands. we had about 30 mins to kill before his class so i used our 5.00 goji's gift card.  this ice cream cost 7.50! but it was so good, and i let nate put lots of candy on top.  i told him that i love blessing him because he is such a great kid to have around
 joey!  she had a stick and was using it as a gun!
 hahaha she was going into my bag trying to find food. love her little hand
 going in deep. coming up with nothing
 this morning, ellie left her cereal on the table because she was "too full" to finish it. cough...i look over about 10 mins later and found this
 sneaky sister
 this is after joey had her own bowl of cereal, and 2 pcs of toast!!!  joey is a crazy eater!
 i found ellie like this. she told me she was getting ready for the snow....but its going to be +20 today so im thinking she wont need the hat anymore!
and with that, we are 1/2 through another week! and the weekend is coming! YIPEE!!!!!